Bridging The Gap Between Health and Education
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History of Integrated Health Services

About IHS The SBHC Program had been administered by Debbie Poerio under Manchester Memorial Hospital (MMH) from 1993-2008.

In a multi-community collaborative effort, both the President of MMH and Goodwin College joined forces with East Hartford’s Mayor and Superintendent to create a non-profit organization, Integrated Health Services, (IHS) with the intent of operating the SBHC Program.  Financial support to create the organization’s infrastructure was awarded by the Hartford Foundation for Public Giving to ensure a solid administrative foundation from which the organization could continue to grow and expand its mission.

IHS’s broad goal is to expand comprehensive, accessible, and integrated health care services to children and families attending schools in greatest need within the East Hartford community, as well as to surrounding communities.

The SBHC Program offered services to 3 schools in East Hartford, offering behavioral medical and dental services to children ages Pre-K to Grade 12 through Goodwin College’s Riverside Magnet School, the Connecticut River Academy, and Goodwin College. In addition, IHS provides behavioral health services to the 5 School Readiness sites in East Hartford​, and will be opening Goodwin College Health Center in October 2017.