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Debbie PoerioDeborah Poerio, DNP, APRN, FNP-BC, worked in private and public health pediatric practices until she was hired in 1993 by Manchester Memorial Hospital (MMH) to administer its first School Based Health Centers (SBHC) in East Hartford Middle School. Following the transition of the SBHC from MMH to Integrated Health Services, Dr. Poerio has proven her ability to create, operate, expand, and sustain new health care facilities, citing 4 full SBHC sites that offer medical behavioral and dental services, and 3 sites located at Goodwin College that provide behavioral and nursing services in East Hartford, Connecticut.

During this time Dr. Poerio found time to pursue her Doctorate of Nursing Practice from Johns Hopkins University, from which she graduated magna cum laude in 2015. Dr. Poerio is committed to maximizing the future potential for IHS, and has developed relationships and collaborations within the community, state, and national stakeholders that serve to sustain and enhance the program’s mission.​


Chief Operations Officer

Jill Holmes Brown, MSW, LCSW, has been working in Healthcare for Over 20 years.  She began her School Based Health Center Career in 1998 working as the Clinician in Silver Lane’s SBHC. In 2006, after 8 years of experience and expertise, she was hired to serve as the Director of the SBHC Program. She was part of the team that developed Integrated Health Services, a non-profit organization that administered 5 SBHC Programs in the East Hartford Public Schools and managed a three quarter million-dollar Department of Public Health Grant.

She also oversees SBHC and nursing services at Goodwin College’s Early Childhood Magnet School, the Connecticut River Academy, and Goodwin College Health Center. Under her direction a full dental restorative program had been implemented.  

Ms. Holmes-Brown sits on many boards to name just a few are the CASBHC (Connecticut Association of School Based Health Centers), and The Goodwin College Early Childhood Education Advisory Board, School Readiness council and was appointed by Senate President Martin Looney to sit on the Behavioral Health Partnership Oversight Council, and most recently was named the Government Liaison for the Connecticut Association of School Based Health Centers.



President/Chief Executive Officer

Sherry Linton-Massiah, MS, has extensive education and experience in non-profit program management, policy, and systems building in the areas of early childhood education and behavioral health. Mrs. Linton-Massiah has been an ardent and passionate advocate in her quest to improve access to high quality education and health services for children and families. Most recently Mrs. Linton-Massiah served as the Director of Communication and Partnerships at the Child First National Program Office, where she strategically cultivated key partners with the shared mission of expanding the continuum of behavioral health services to young children and oversaw all communication initiatives. Additional expertise arose from her positions as the Manager of Training, Quality Assurance, and Appeals in the Xerox Healthcare Division; Project Director of the Governor’s Early Childhood Cabinet; Policy Analyst for the Connecticut Association for Human Services; and the Director of Early Head Start, a program of Eastern Connecticut Health Network (ECHN).

Mrs. Linton-Massiah’s experience at the national, state, and community levels positions her well to lead Integrated Health Services’ to expand services to other communities. 




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Jill Holmes



A Message From The Founder

It has been a year of changes and new opportunities as IHS has expanded our services to include new innovative and evidence-based initiatives.

The ADAPT Program (Assessing Development to Assist Preschoolers in Transition) is entering its third year of formal evaluation, and the data has proven as impressive as the outcomes, resulting in a 60-70% improvement in behaviors from clinically impaired to normal functioning.  ADAPT is the first state and national therapeutic evidence-based therapeutic intervention program created for preschool children which includes their families and teachers. In December 2017 the ADAPT Program was awarded the Hartford Business Journal’s Healthcare Hero Award for Program Prevention and Innovation.  In February 2018 ADAPT was included in a book addressing Social and Emotional Learning, which is currently being published. Finally, IHS has been asked to contract to expand the program into 14 sites throughout Connecticut.

The successful history of service provision with Goodwin College has led to a partnership between IHS and Goodwin on the creation and administration of the Goodwin Health Center, which will open to students, faculty and staff on March 1, 2018.  Medical, Dental and Behavioral Health services will be provided at 403 Main Street in East Hartford on Goodwin College Campus, which also houses the Optometry and Dental Hygiene Programs for Goodwin students.

The School Based Health Center (SBHC) at the Connecticut River Academy (CTRA) site has been incredibly well received and utilized, thanks to the amazing efforts and talents of IHS professionals, and with the support of CTRA’s faculty, staff, and Administration.

The creation of SBHC programs in two new communities is currently under negotiation, and has the support of both community’s Town and Superintendent.

As we are told….”When one door closes, another door opens.” IHS is grateful to its staunch advocates, funders, and partners who have been instrumental in their support of our mission to provide high quality, accessible, and affordable health care services to those in greatest need.  We are proud to have excelled in the provision of services to children and families for over 25 years, and look forward to expansion of these services over the next 25 years.


Warm Regards,